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What Business Can I Start With 5k?

What business can i start with 5k?

Many people are searching for ways to start a business with $5k, but don’t know where to begin. While there are plenty of ideas out there, it’s essential that you find one that best fits your lifestyle and interests.

House Cleaning Service

If you are skilled at cleaning, it may be possible to make a living as a freelancer. You can offer this service to individuals or companies and decide how many hours you work each day – making this an excellent opportunity for those who prefer working on their own terms.

Phone and Bag Keeping

Another lucrative business to start with 5k is a phone and bag keeping service. You could open this type of venture in exam centers where students don’t have enough space for their belongings, charging as little as 100 naira per keeping service.

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Recharge Card Selling

Recharge cards are in high demand these days, particularly in Nigeria. You can sell them both online or offline. Not only is this business an excellent way to make money but it also gives you the chance to reach a wider audience.

Ice Cream Retailing

If you love ice cream, why not start an ice cream retail business with just $5,000? All that’s required is buying ingredients and creating a product that customers will enjoy.

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T-Shirt Business

Graphic designers can start a t-shirt business with $5k. You will need to design your products and promote them on social media in order to build an audience.

Real Estate Agency

Do you have experience in real estate? This could be an ideal business venture with just 5k! List properties for sale or rent and provide advice on purchasing or renting a property. With this small startup capital, you’ll be well on your way to building an empire!


If you enjoy writing and are willing to put in the work, blogging could be an ideal starting point for your business venture. Utilize a content management system such as Blogger to get started. Once your blog is up and running, add ads to it in order to drive traffic and boost sales.